Incorporated in March 2005

Topmode Engineering

A Company History of More Than 14 Years in Experience.

Topmode Engineering Sdn Bhd specialise in PABX and voice related solutions. We evolve with the market situation, and has extended our portfolio covering the full range of Extra Low Voltage solution.

Topmode Engineering is equipped with experienced and well-trained professional with combined 30 years of proven track records. We’re experienced in serving SME, Large Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Government offices, Ports and Logistic Industries. We are committed to customized clientele solutions with un-compromised service quality.



To be ‘Your Infinite Partner’ by providing a combine leading edge technologies that serves your requirement and leverage on existing network. To enhance shareholders and team mate value by invest in continuous human resource.


To enrich corporate facilities by ingeniously integrating a broad range of leading edge technology to customize individual requirement. We providing smooth delivery and on time completion of projects. We constantly keep abreast with technology update allowing all potential benefit of Extra Low Voltage. We offering technical services based on per call as well as on yearly maintenance agreement basis. We help our clients by maximising the up time of their system which covers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Topmode's Culture

We valued our culture as much as we valued your needs.


Committed to our clientele in line with Topmode’s philosophy to succeed at all times.


Responsible and accountable for all of our actions to face the fast changing challenges daily.


Keep our promises and do our utmost to avoid misunderstandings.


Deliver top quality services and superior products to maintain a long standing relationship with all our clients


Believe and uphold the motto of always being positive in our communications.


Stay focused to remain achievers and remain proud of our competence and confident in our successes.


Aimed at continued education to grow and to be more practical in our approaches.


Focusing on co-operation and problem solving without compromising flexibility.


Constantly upgrading and updating our internal management system to be one notch ahead of our competitors.


Thrive a good balance between work and play as we maintain a happy disposition at all times and practice gratitude.
Work With Topmode

Prominent Clients

We believe client satisfaction is recognition of the quality of service we provide and are relentlessly in working hard to maintain our client’s trust in and reliance on us. Our major business partners consist of the following:
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